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Steve Weatherbe is a journalist with 30 years experience, specializing in religion and public issues, a conservative Catholic Christian, a supporter of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, living in Victoria, British Columbia. Canada

As Rainbow Gang Chants Outside, Speaker Debunks Pro-Castration Curriculum

By Steve Weatherbe VICTORIA, B.C. , June 6, 2019 – B.C. education critic Jenn Smith finally got his say in British Columbia’s capital, delivering a devastating critique of the NDP government’s radical Sexual Orientation Gender Identity 123 curriculum supplement. Several … Continue reading

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Irony, Bullying and a Do-Nothing Oak Bay ‘Police Force’

The Jenn Smith Debacle Irony and Bullying were the themes on display at the lecture that never happened in Oak Bay last week, due to the negligence of the police force that so daintily serves the boutique citylette on Victoria’s … Continue reading

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Why Canada’s Civic Religion Caused the SNC Lavalin Scandal

By Steve Weatherbe   We all have heard of the United States’ civic or civil religion, which involves the invocation of God at public events, the use of the phrase “you are in our thoughts and prayers” in public expressions … Continue reading

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Why I’m Shocked But Not Surprised at the Supreme Court’s Decision on Trinity Western University

Nobody should have been surprised that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the sexual preferences of a tiny minority (two-three percent) of the population take precedence over the religious rights of all Canadians (including the tiny minority of the tiny minority—Gays and Transgenders who are also Evangelical Christians). Can anything be done about the Trinity Western Law School decision? Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Reminds Us Where Science and Christianity Agree

    You could call Globe and Mail Columnist Margaret Wente that paper’s token conservative, but you would be doing a disservice. She is a provocative thinker in her own right. For Mother’s Day sh focused  our Western Civilization’s abandonment … Continue reading

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An Unflinching Examination of Islam

On Islam A  Chronological Record, 2002-2018 By James Schall, S.J. Ignatius Press, 2018 The danger that Islam poses for post-Christian North America came home to British Columbia with the abortive plot to explode a bomb at the Canada Day celebration … Continue reading

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The New Gender Ideology Comes With Knives And Muzzles

Gender ideology is the “ism” behind a dangerous trend in medicine and psychology that promotes troubled teenagers unhappy with their bodies to “change” their sex by taking powerful hormone blocks in early teen years, then opposite sex hormones later, with a view to ultimately cutting off their breasts if female and their genitals if males. Continue reading

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