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Coming to an Anglican church near you: Christ–denier John Dominic Crossan

  Yes, Victoria’s St. John the Divine Anglican Church is bringing in Jesus Seminar founder John Dominic Crossan next week for a four-day conference on the true meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. Crossan is a former Catholic priest who lost … Continue reading

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New Pro-Life Group for Victoria

New prolife group for Victoria OR so we hope. As everyone knows, the Victoria Right to Life Society told its board a year ago to shut down. The problem was complaints about fiscal management by previous boards, serious enough in … Continue reading

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Christians in the Public Square: Why Bother?

By Roy Wiebe (More thoughts stirred up by Steve’s piece on the U Vic debate about whether God is needed for morality) Why should Christians enter the public square and engage in the great moral debates shaping our culture? Even … Continue reading

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Globe columnist gets social capital and religion backwards

After my comments on Globe columnist Doug Saunders’ March 5 column you will find the column itself. It’s about how Libyan tyrant Gadhafi once met with American sociologist Robert Putnam and totally didn’t get the point of Putnam’s research into … Continue reading

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