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God versus whatever- U Vic debates morality

This is  a story I just filed to Light Magazine, which is the successor to BC Christian News. . The debate was well organized and conducted in a very positive spirit of enquiry–there was none of the poison that prevails … Continue reading

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Sex at Dawn (but nonsense at noon)

There is a new book out called Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan, PhD and Cacilda Jethá, MD. It casts itself in the familiar mode of the brave dissenting voice against the Establishment view … Continue reading

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New Christian periodical for Island

  This post speaks for itself: a new Christian quarterly in the works–not  a news paper but a commentary.  Good luckl to Elation. In keeping with our own blogsite I hope it will be ecumenical and appealing to conservative Christians … Continue reading

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How Catholic are the Catholic schools?

  Here is a letter that ex-Victorian Randy Anchikovski recently submitted to Lifesite News and a link to the article that prompted it. The question of how Catholic are the Catholic schools will loom larger as the Left-Lib alliance with … Continue reading

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