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On Christianity and Science

Not to belabour the point about the Christian contribution to the rise of science, but the latest First Things has an excellent article on the subject, by Michael Hannam. Actually, it is a synopsis of his new book The Genesis … Continue reading

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I’m Pro-choice and Pro-life

Surfing Catholic blogs made me think of two friends both alike in self-satisfaction, one who says: “I am pro-life–and pro-choice,” and in the second case, “I am a Christian, and a Jew, and a Muslim and a Buddhist.” Both deliver … Continue reading

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Why I hate Marty Haugen (and other problems with St. A’s)

By Steve Weatherbe I actually composed the following blog as a letter to the pastor, parish council and liturgy committee at St. Andrews. I’d appreciate comment, especially as to whether I should send the letter. I’ve been bothered for some … Continue reading

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