Victoria 40 Days for Life told it is part of an army of 750,000

VICTORIA, British Columbia,October 15, 2017 (Choose Life Victoria) —  A contradiction lies at the heart of arguments for abortion rights, 40 Days for Life staff person Katherine O`Brien told 40 Days volunteers here on Thanksgiving Day, that prevents abortion supporters from sustaining counter efforts.

“They are demonstrating for a right that they are very grateful, somewhere in their heart, that their Mom did not use’ “That’s why, in the end, they are not going to have a 40 day campaign. In the end they don`t want that either,” Mrs. O’Brien, who is Director of Hispanic and Youth Outreach for the Texas-based organization.

(O’Brien’s remarks were echoed, interestingly, by European abortion advocate Neil  Datta, Secretary of the European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development. As reported by Agenda Europe, Datta was commenting on “the successful European Citizens’ Initiative “One of Us”, which collected more than 1.7 million signatures in support for a request to the European Commission to fully recognize the dignity of the human embryo and provide adequate legal protections.”

Said Datta, “Try to imagine the collection of a similar amount of signatures by a feminist or progressist movement. We would never be able to achieve this.”)

40 Days for Life’s Katherine O’Brien joins Victoria-area vigil keepers

O’Brien was in Victoria, accompanied by her husband Edward, as an extension of a week-long tour of 40 Days vigils in Washington State. After that she was headed for Mexico City, she said.

“It blows me away that you are here on Thanksgiving morning. I don’t know if we could get people that dedicated in the United States,” she told the vigilists.

She added that she and her husband Edward, who accompanied her, were embarking on “our biggest pro-life adventure,” and were “expecting a baby in March.”

Noting that she was headed to Mexico from Washington, O’Brien said Latin Americans and Hispanics in the U.S. shared a paradoxical position on abortion. “Latinos say that it is wrong but then turn around and get abortions for their daughters,” if they are unmarried or when other circumstances make it expedient.

She hoped that young people today could be appealed to on the basis that women “should not be put in the situation where they are so vulnerable that they see their only way to go is to have an abortion.”

O’Brien cautioned a half dozen vigil keepers from Choose Life Victoria that, “sometimes it can be a bit discouraging and hard to motivate people to come out. [But] we have a cause that we’re here for that is more than the other side has, the counter protesters who want to make us feel alone. We’re not alone. We have our brothers and sisters in Christ.

“This isn’t just happening here…Its happening in 375 cities around the world,” she continued. “Forty four countries—people out on the sidewalks, in front of the abortion clinics. Praying to end abortion.

“It’s a David and Goliath problem. But it’s not just eight people here. We have more than that. We have God with us. We have eight people here and 750,000 people worldwide.”

Victoria has been holding 40 Days vigils outside the city’s private abortion clinic twice a year since 2011. While for some of that time they were opposed by a solo protester who local pro-lifers believe was paid, and other times bullied by civic officials and physically threatened and cursed by pro-abortion advocates, opposition in the past two years has subsided. (The local RCMP detachment has respected and, at times, defended their free speech rights).



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Steve Weatherbe is a journalist with 30 years experience, specializing in religion and public issues, a conservative Catholic Christian, a supporter of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, living in Victoria, British Columbia. Canada
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