Christian news for Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island’s New Christian News Source

Once there was Christian Info and once there was Sunday, providing Christian news on Vancouver Island. Then Vancouver Island’s evangelical Christians who wanted news about their faith were reduced to reading a supplement to a Mainland paper. It went belly-up a year or two ago, one of many victims of the recession plus the Internet.
Then Light Magazine came along, with a little bit of news. But it has just withdrawn from the Island/
So I am leaping into the breech with a web-only newsmagazine. The Vancouver Island Christian. My target will be small “o” orthodox Christians—Catholics and evangelical Protestants mostly.
I am no saint. I am a sinner, but I have been covering Christianity for 35 years, in Victoria since 1986, and I am a Christian of the Catholic variety. Can a Catholic, and a sinner (they are synonymous) cover news in a way satisfactory to evangelicals? Well, nobody complained when I did just that for Sunday and Christian Info for years, and was then picked up by national evangelical papers. Sunday’s board was ready to make me their editor when they elected instead to sell to the Mainland bunch.
So here it is: I affirm there is one God, one Faith, one Baptism. That Christ is God, that he died for our sins and rose again. We used to all think our disagreements were more important than our agreements—important enough to kill each other in horrible ways. Now more people are thinking what we agree on—Catholics and evangelical Protestants—is more important. So I believe.
Read and decide. I think what other Christians are doing ought to be a great interest to us all. Mostly the news will be good, it will be inspiring. Sometimes it will be distressing and discouraging. It’s a broken world, a broken church and we are all broken within it. But it’s also God’s world, God’s church and we are God’s people.
Today I am working on stories about Circles of Support and Accountability, which are volunteer support groups for sex offenders set up by the Mennonites and sustained by Christian voluntarism—but now threatened by government cutbacks.
And on a Campbell River church that set an impressive emergency shelter using a metal storage box.

In the meantime here’s a pro-life story on 40 Days for Life with a strong Vancouver Island element which I did for www.

40 Days for Life street level prayer vigil keeps gaining momentum
Baptists are swelling a Lenten campaign that saves lives, opens hearts and closes clinics
Two pro-life people were standing outside Victoria, British Columbia’s boutique abortion clinic when a tough looking woman with bleach-blond hair stalked towards them, followed by an equally rough looking boyfriend. As participants in the 40 Days for Life international lenten prayer vigil, they braced themselves for abuse. However, the woman said, “Good for you for being here. I had an abortion and it was the worst decision I ever made.” –

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About faithvictoria

Steve Weatherbe is a journalist with 30 years experience, specializing in religion and public issues, a conservative Catholic Christian, a supporter of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, living in Victoria, British Columbia. Canada
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2 Responses to Christian news for Vancouver Island

  1. cliske says:

    Good to hear this Steve. I’m retiring this summer, so might have a little time to contribute more in the future.

    Colin Liske

  2. Andy says:

    Something for thought Steve, all Catholics are Christian but not all Christians are fully Catholic. You might want to edit that “conservative Catholic Christian” designation for the next application. Stating one is simply Catholic or Protestant will suffice, stating one is Catholic and Christian is actually a no no and placing double emphasis on being Christian but I do realize your audience can be a tough crowd just pray for us.

    you might enjoy open-forum for non-Catholics tonight’s radio guest former Baptist Steve Ray

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